Spiritual Pricing – A word by founder

Glad to know your interest in learning yoga. 

About Devi Yoga Hatha Yoga

All the practices are designed by Sadhguru and taught by me – Surabi Bharadhwaj – I have gone through an intense training in Isha foundation, Coimbatore.

At our studio – the Consecrated space for sadhana, small group of 5-8 participants are sure to learn and experience yoga in its depth and purity. 

For some Yoga is relief from the chronic ailments, for some it’s about losing the extra pounds and for others it’s an endeavor to rise.

Incase you doubt if this works for you or not, in our experience so far, if practiced the way it’s given, it has been working tremendously on all the human beings for over 15,000 years.

We value it the most. The whole world as well is looking upto Yoga to alleviate suffering and to succeed in any field. But we can’t definitely decide how worthy it is for you.

Coming to Fee for the programs

A very substantial aspect which will almost decide your next step more than your will.  

Since you have come till the door, please enter. You are investing your life in the right direction. We wish you find all the answers, energy, time and money.  

Considering the quality and immensity this program holds for a lifetime, Compared to market standards for similar programs, cost is very reasonable.

We respect and consider willingness than the will of the pocket. You can make use of all the available options for payment- Installments, Credit card, WhatsApp pay, Gpay, Phone pe. 

For some reason if you are under privileged or student choose an option of “Pay as much as you Can”. We hope it will be taken in the right sense. 

Please explain to us in detail to avail this option on [email protected]

If you don’t find value after going through the program and practicing regularly for 6 months, we will refund 100%, no questions asked. I standby what I am offering.

I personally don’t think anyone can pay for the tools that’s been offered here. Yet, This humble support is not a charity just to keep it sustainable and going. Everybody has to earn it. Some or the other way everyone earns it.

P.S. 20% of the income goes to various activities of Isha foundation, Aastha – sports academy for differently abled and towards rescue and rehabilitation organizations.


Surabi Bharadhwaj