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Programs at Devi Yoga

Participants spend dedicated time in learning with highest precision, they are fine tuned to the breath. And then delve deeper to transform and establish oneself through focused Sadhana.

Baalya - Children's Yoga

Includes simple yet life enhancing asanas and kriyas, presented through fun games and play so that children experience a sense of belonging and unity with life.

Laya - Trek and Yoga Retreats

Participants withdraw to just-be. Retreats with a focus on Hatha yoga & meditation. Venues are carefully chosen with ambience and aesthetic consideration, range from high-end to modest.

Yoga Chikitsa

Yoga program purely curated to manage one's physical and mental health. We offer wellbeing modules for specific health conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance, skin care and more.

Work From Aum

Online Yoga Classes. No matter what you’re looking to improve in your life - be it your physical health, emotional wellbeing, or success in your career - these simple practices can help you get there with more ease.

One -o- One - Individual Sessions

It's an opportunity to learn Hatha Yoga practices from the comfort and privacy of your home or book our studio for stipulated time for a maximum of 3 people.

Being - Yoga for Workplace

Corporate wellness customized for the workforce and business leaders, which focusses on improving ones efficiency and alleviate workspace ergonomic health & safety issues.

Yoga for Community

If you want to organize an event at your apartment club house, small gatherings or schools and colleges , we can develop classes that address the needs and interests of like-minded community.

What to expect from us

Learn Classical Hatha Yoga

Through programs designed by Sadhguru, a live master and be trained by highly qualified and inspiring teacher certified by Isha Hatha Yoga school, Coimbatore

Individual Attention

Group size of Programs at Devi Yoga are not more than 5 - 10 participants. There is no compromise on Quality of teaching. You may come for variety of reasons but for me there is only one intention in this endeavor - "You must know your ultimate nature" .

Dedicated time

To deepening your own practices with Sadhana guided sessions. Have the ongoing support groups for keeping up their sadhana and to get the doubts clarified during and after the program.

Energised space

Devi Yoga Center in Bangalore reverberates with an intense energy one cannot miss. The space is a conducive atmosphere for inner exploration and growth. Simply by being in this space, sadhana happens with ease. One can also participate in a variety of celebrations, events and Powerful processes like Sannidhi Pooja, Linga Bhairavi Pournami Pooja.

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Happy Participants

Choose the plan that suits you

Modules recommended based on participants flexibility, strength, physical agility and needs.

If you need to address specific health issues, kindly reach out to us. We will help you find the right ones to start with.



2000 4 sessions
  • Dinacharya - Yogic Life Style
  • Upa-Yoga (Sadilaja+Asanas)
  • Yoga Namaskar + Thoppukaranam
  • Aumkara + Nada Yoga
  • Pranayama + Isha Kriya +Simha Kriya


Yogic gym

4000 8 sessions
  • Aarambha
  • Angamardhana - Standing, Sitting, Kneeling, Lying down - 27 practices
  • Kundalini Kriya
  • Yogic Science & Energy System
  • Powerful Guided Meditations


Subtle Yoga

4000 8 sessions
  • Surya Kriya + Surya Shakti + Surya Namaskar
  • Yogasanas - 21 Powerful Standing Sitting, Lying down, Inverted Postures
  • Bandhas
  • Yogic Diet Science and diet plan
  • Yogic Science and Energy System
  • Powerful Guided Meditations

Yoga Margam

All Inclusive

18000 24 sessions
  • Arambha
  • Shrama
  • Sukshma
  • Advanced UY + ANG+ Asanas
  • Bhuta Shuddhi + Bhakti Sadhana
  • Jalaneti + Bhastrika Kriya
  • Jalaneti Pot+ Bhuta Shuddhi Kit (3500/-)
  • Yogic Science and Energy System
  • Powerful Guided Meditations


Few words from our recent participants

Very professional yet maintaining the sanctity of Yoga. The course itself is structured very well. I did the Surya Kriya and Angamardhana courses, and I had doubts if I could remember all the postures and details correctly after the 4-5 day classes. But Surabhi ji's attention to detail and corrections helped me internalize both the practices and I was able to do them effortlessly from day one at home. Its working very well for me. Thank you Devi Yoga, thank you Isha.

Sohan Shenoy Surya Kriya & Angamardhana Participant

As soon as you enter the Deviyoga studio, you are drawn towards it, and the entire setting naturally has a calming effect on you. Surabi is someone you are bound to trust, so you can relax and know that you are taken care of. There are a plethora of benefits that every individual will experience depending on the purpose for which they joined the course, as well as other impacts that they may notice, but for me per say, the course has make me feel a lot more energetic, has gotten rid of body aches in many areas, helped me feel calm on a daily basis which has brought about alignment in several different life areas; I was always a night-owl and now I wake up before 5am, a habit I endeavour to continue with, long term! Surabi has continually emphasised the subtleties of postures and transitions, as well as focusing on breath. One of the big lessons I will take away from this is to not do anything casually, but with involvement. Surabi is always present and does not miss even slight aberrations in the practices made by any attendee. She knows exactly where someone is struggling and corrects them with a lot of empathy, compassion and patience. The course will leave you with a feeling of self-sufficiency, but also a longing for the sessions to continue.

Mitya Moitra Yoga Margam Participant

I would suggest this place for anyone who would wish to learn classical Yoga, Surabhi Akka is a wonderful teacher. I have attended the 21days Hatha Yoga program, each day has passed wonderfully and attention is given to each participant in detail. This place has Bhairavi Devi Yantra where one can feel the energy of Devi. Surabhi Akka is kind but when it comes to Yoga very strict too.

Shivakumar Alawandi Yoga Margam Participant

I took the 21-day Hatha yoga program at Devi Yoga. Overall experience was very good. Surabhi teacher teaches very well. Very thorough in demonstration and clarifying doubts. Class size is small, Hence, more attention is paid to each individual. The place where classes are conducted is very calm and has a good positive vibe which I liked. Would recommended to others without any second thoughts.

Sachin S Yoga Margam Participant

1)Experience: I had a wonderful experience of learning the system of Yoga, which helped me focus on my on own Being. Becoming aware of my breath, my mind and body is a great gift. 2)Instruction and Clarity: The instructions were simplified by Surabhi akka, clarifying at all levels, making it easy to understand and also to be implemented efficiently. 3)Guiding through process or Methodology- The system of guiding us to implementing the process was well defined,clear & intense. Guiding us gradually & gracefully into the practices. 4)Sacredness and Comitted atmosphere: Creating a sacred and comitted atmosphere is one aspect but sincerely continuing to maintain the sacredness and a committed environment requires tremendous commitment and dedication. Very inspiring Surabhi akka. 5)Consecrated space: It is a benevolence to be guided by the Grace of Devi and Dhyanlinga.☺️🙏🌺😇 It enhances our involvement, dissolves us into the process and makes everything happen effortlessly.

Dr. M. Shilpa Beginner and Surya Kriya Participant

I have joined Devi Yoga for 21days Hatha yoga program, the classes were very easy to understand and always dependent on the level of the students. I felt comfortable at all times. Surabhi madam is a good yoga teacher with amazing energy and positive spirit. The atmosphere during the course is something you can not explain with words, you just smile. I highly recommend Devi Yoga Studio to anyone looking for yoga or hathayoga classes in Bangalore- Hanumanthnagar.

Gayathridevi Yoga Margam Participant

It was an absolute honor and pleasure to go through the 21-day Hatha Yoga Program under Surabi Akka. It was an enriching & memorable experience that i shall remember for a long time. The care, guidance and meticulousness of Surabi Akka is remarkable. Since the start of the program - I have experienced a better quality of sleep, a more energetic lifestyle and i don't get hunger pangs even after 14-16 hours of no food. My flexibility and physiological balance has improved. And i anticipate bigger positive changes in 3-6 months of regular practice. The humility and joyfulness that Surabi Akka exudes is very palpable. Her conscientiousness is very apparent during the program. The Isha Hatha Yoga program is a wonderful tool for anyone looking for balance in life. And would highly recommend everyone to learn under Surabi Akka.

Anil Yoga Margam Participant

It has been a privilege for me to have learnt Upayoga, Surya Kriya and Yogasanas from Surabi Bharadhwaj, who has immense dedication, rather Devotion🙏 towards yoga. She aims at teaching Yoga in its purest form as it is intended to be taught. After Surya Kriya, body felt light and the sleep cycle has improved tremendously! Yogasana practices has made my body more flexible. I have registered for my next Angamardana session which is going to start shortly. I highly recommend Devi Yoga Hatha yoga where you will not only get to learn through a diligent teacher but also in a consecrated space.🙏🙏 P.s. it's worth your precious money and time as well.

Roopa S Surya Kriya and Yogasanas Participant

I learnt Jalaneti at Devi Yoga, 10 months ago. Happy to say the technique has helped me to get rid of chronic allergic rhinitis, which I had suffered from since childhood. Excellent ambience, superb teaching technique. Thanks to Surabhi Akka for bringing Isha yoga to Basavanagudi. 🙏🏻. Especially during COVID times, Jalaneti is an excellent practice to have.

Dr. Shalini Jalaneti Participant

I have seen so many isha hata yoga teachers surabhi akka is the best till now , I recommend everyone to join devi yoga to learn yoga in your life, and linga bhairavi's grace is something you have to experience to know what it is, can't explain in words.

Kushal D. R Upa Yoga and Surya Kriya series Participant

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