Why Isha Hatha Yoga? How is it different?

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Are you Isha Foundation? What is the difference?

I am Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher, certified from Isha Hatha School of Yoga, Coimbatore. I am certified to teach independently after rigorous training at ashram. 

There is no difference what-so-ever in terms of teaching since all the modules are designed by Sadhguru. The quality and sanctity of the practices are kept on par.

You might find the difference in-terms of packaging the combination of modules. 

In comparison to how Devi Yoga has evolved you will find-

  • Smaller group of participants which helps in individual attention.
  • After the learning sessions, Regular Guided Practices has been strong support for participants.
  • Careful consideration to create energized committed spaces with Devi Yantra and Sadhguru Sannidhi. 
I do not believe in Yoga / Sadhguru / Spirituality, does the practices have same impact?

We do not ascribe to any belief system. The fact about Yoga/Spirituality/Sadhguru is that if you believe it works, if you don’t believe it still works. People look forward to Yoga for various reasons at different phases in their lives. For a business being effective in his business and have the business INSIGHT  is a priority; for a person with any Chronic Ailment alleviating the disease is a priority. Classical Isha Hatha Yoga is a live tool that works if you make use of it.

Who can learn Hatha yoga? What are the requirements?
  • Anyone above 4 years can learn yoga. We do have modules that can be taught to 4-7 yrs old, 7- 13 yrs, 14 yrs and above. 
  • People with health conditions will be guided accordingly on what’s best to start with and what should be avoided.
  • There are no prior requirements to learn Isha Hatha Yoga. Each module will be taught from the basics.
What are the combination of modules available?

If you have shortlisted make Yoga as a priority and would like to make it a part of your lifestyle. I suggest you go for the Yoga MARGAM – 12 weeks program – All inclusive. 

If you would like to go for physical fitness and muscle tone, then go for Shrama – 4 weeks module, Includes – Aarambha, Angamardana. 

If you like to explore spirituality in its fullest then Sukshma – 4 weeks module, Includes – Surya Kriya series and Yogasana Series.

One can also choose for individual modules like – upa yoga, surya kriya etc.,

If you want to deal with Chronic ailment kindly contact us at 9743884551 for Yoga Chikitsa module.

Is 21 days program - Yoga Margam same as 21 days program at Isha Foundation

All the Programs are designed by Sadhguru. However, considering the nature of the program and no. of participants (>30) only 4 modules – UpaYoga, Angamardana, Yogasanas, Surya Kriya are taught.

Currently, Yoga MARGAM at Devi Yoga Centre(~8 – 10 no.of Participants) the program is spread over 10 weeks. Its an all inclusive program.

Shoucha, Upa yoga, Pranayama, Aumkara, Nada yoga(learn consecrated chants), Dinachari, Isha Kriya , Simha Kriya, Sunetra – eye care, Shanmukhi Kriya, Angamardana, Surya kriya, Surya shakti, Surya Namaskar, Sheetali kriya, Yogasanas, Yogic diet,  Bhastrika kriya, Bhuta shuddhi, Jalaneti, Bhakti sadhana,  Guided meditations , Insights for sustainable Career and life, Sadhguru Exclusive videos from Hatha yoga school (that are not on youtube) Includes : Bhuta Shuddhi kit (2400/-)  Jalaneti Pot(1100/-)

Participants have an option of choosing from various batches and timings according to their availability.

Commitment expected from participants – 2 hrs/day – 2 days/week for 12 weeks.

What's the duration required to master the modules?
  • Please visit modules to know more on duration required to learn each module, combination of modules and all modules. 
  • All the modules currently are taught in hatha yoga program – called Yoga MARGAM at Devi Yoga Centre. 2 hrs/day for 12 weeks the minimum dedicated time required. We are offering Sadhana sessions to go deeper in to practices, which also helps one to place the required discipline and commitment.
How much do you charge per month? How can I enroll?

For Yoga Margam program – If you make one shot payment 18000/-;

20000/- with split payment of 4000(during registration) + 4000 (4th week)+12000 (8th week).


Kindly visit our modules page to know more on fee.

Are there batches? What are the timings?

Batches –

  • Mon – Tue Batch
  • Thu – Fri Batch
  • Sat – Sun Batch

Timings – 

  • Morning – 6:30 – 8:30 am
  • Noon – 11:00 – 1:00 pm
  • Evening – 7:00 – 9:00pm


Do I get refund if I cancel the session?

Unfortunately, there is no refund if you cancel the registration. You can always take the future sessions (with in 3 months) by informing us in advance.